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Denise Fager

Hello Everyone! And especially to the new members...Lucio Kay, Patty Saunders, Nathaniel Jiminez, Ezequiel Abate, and me...Denise Fager!

I am new to SETI. I am the membership coordinator. It's a pleasure to meet you all! I will help facilitate any groups you would like to start and will take a fresh look at the groups already started. I would personally like to start an equine group. Any suggestions? Let's get this forum going...I am very interested in all you have to share! Let's use this as a forum that provides a private and exclusive platform that allows for in-depth discussion with your peers about articles, research, referrals, consultations, etc.
Let me know your thoughts on this okay? I wish you all a bright and awesome day! You'll be hearing from me often!

Warmest regards, Denise

by Denise Fager